2hp Effects Rack Lunchbox

2hp Effects Rack Lunchbox

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The ultimate effects send to bring your sounds to life. With DSP onboard each effect, high fidelity processing can turn your dry sound into an ethereal sonic landscape using our most popular effects modules.

Parse your sound up with Grain, creating evolving textures and granular particles in your sonic landscape. Compliment your granular processing with Delay, which can range from slapback echo to overlapping delay textures, and when ran through the stereo Verb, can turn your sound into the bedrock of your mix or the commanding symphonic drone. Freez brings its unique effects to the Rack, allowing you to freeze and manipulate your audio for those classic lo-fi characteristics.

  • DSP effects rack

  • Stereo reverb

  • High fidelity granular processing

  • Fully featured delay line with milliseconds to minute delay times

  • Freezable audio buffer with pitch and sample rate manipulation

  • Mounting Screws: 2.5mm

Condition: New

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