2hp Synth Voice System

2hp Synth Voice System

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The Synth Voice Lunchbox system brings the signature sounds of subtractive synthesis to your workflow in a compact, yet dynamic format. Build your voice with the iconic CEM3340 VCO, shape it with the versatile multimode filter and ADSR, and send it out the all-analog VCA for low distortion high quality audio. Create thumbing bass lines, stabbing lead plucks, and droning pads, all in 8HP.

Though the Synth Voice is a complete voice capable of many classic and modern sounds, the available 30 HP left leaves room to expand your Synth Voice, whether it be added polyphony, onboard sequencing, or effects, making it a highly versatile system.

  • Complete subtractive synth voice

  • Iconic CEM3340 VCO

  • Multimode Filter w/ lowpass, highpass, and bandpass

  • ADSR with 2 expressive ranges

  • All-analog dual linear VCA

  • Mounting Screws: 2.5mm

Condition: New

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