Erica Synths Fusion Drone System

Erica Synths Fusion Drone System

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Erica Synths Fusion Drone System is here for those, who want to explore the dark territories of the sound, where only few have stepped in. Vacuum tube based Erica Synths Fusion Series modules are the basis for this system, while Black Modulator and Black Envelope Generator add plenty of modulation and noise generation possibilities. It has 43 patchpoints for extensive experiments in sound design, all analogue signal and CV path to create the drones of massive power. Want a solid bassline with great 1V/oct tracking? Use CV/Gate sequencer or keyboard and you have it! Erica Synths Fusion Drone System brings distinct and powerful sound into eurorack.

Fusion Drone System includes:

Fusion VCO – Two double triodes in bistable latch connection act as suboscillators: -1 and -2 octaves with plenty of mixing opportunities for amazing sonic results. External audio signal can replace internal VCO. Fusion Ringmodulator V2 – Germanium diodes enrich the sound by adding extra harmonic content meanwhile vacuum tube adds evilish overdrive to audio and carrier signals. Fusion VCF V2 – Each side of the double triode drives signal between 2nd and 3rd stage of the filter, while germanium diodes are used to limit the output signal. Black Modulator – a fully analogue modulation and noise source.

Black 8-Multi – an advanced replacement for stackable patch-cables – it is active buffered multiple with signal status LEDs.

Fusion VCA V2 – a Russian miniature pentode 1Ж24B with power consumption comparable to an LED.

Black EG – the ultimate control over envelopes in your modular system.

Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble – a distinct multifunctional analogue effects module that combines BBD chip based effects with an adjustable tube overdrive in the delay output and a feedback path for extra thickness of the sound.

104HP One Row Skiff case

20 patch cables

Condition: New

Info from Erica Synths