Pulse Synthesizers Load Runner

Pulse Synthesizers Load Runner

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The Load Runner granular synthesizer allows you to load 16bit WAV files from USB flash drive into the modules internal memory and playback grains from those samples.

The Selected sample is shown graphically on the LCD from which grains are randomly generated between the start and range lines controlled by front panel and CV.

Grain length density and pitch are also controlled via the front panel or CV. Three pitch modes are selectable via the settings menu. The grain amplitude envelope is selectable from 10 shapes.

Recording of the module output to USB as a mono 16bit WAV file allows it to be reloaded into memory for granular playback.
There is also the ability to skip between samples using CV, i.e. sample up / down. Firmware updates will be possible via USB.

- Graphic granular synth

- Up to 15 simultaneous grains

- Full automation of controls via CV

- On the fly skipping between samples or ability to select all loaded samples

- Skiff friendly

- Sample rate 44.1kHz

- Wav files, 16 bit mono or stereo (only 1 channel loaded)

- All CV's bipolar +/-5V

- Panel width 25HP

- Module Depth 45mm

- Power consumption 240mA@+12V, 30mA@-12V

Condition: Excellent

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